It’ll be THIS much fun!

From the perspective of an 11-year old Disney fan comes to you Cruising Christopher.

His favorite ride at Disneyland is Hyperspace Mountain and he would stand in line for 2 1/2 hours just to ride it a second time.


At Epcot in Disney World, he loved that there was an interactive arcade at the end of almost every ride, instead of a store.


His favorite Disney character is the Cheshire Cat, so he was really excited when the 2017 AP Days featured the character on a button!


He’s become an avid pin trader – so hit him up for some pins if ever you see him.


And he would probably die to live on a Disney Cruise ship. Disney Cruising has become his favorite thing on this planet, hence his name: Cruising Christopher! 🙂


You might start seeing video logs from the kid, since he’s quite a bit more verbal than he likes writing. Either way, here’s something to look forward to!

Happy browsing, cruising, and having a magical time on Life With Mickey!

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