Disney Fantasy Enhancements after Dry Dock in May 2017

We are so excited about the changes coming to Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Fantasy, starting this May! The ship is undergoing and 18-night dry dock and for its summer itineraries, it’s ready to rock quite a few cool new improvements for all cruises starting May 17!

New Kids Spaces at the Oceaneers Club

If your kids are between 3 and 12, they’ll be so excited! The Oceaneers Club is being re-imagined for so much more fun!

Marvel Super Hero Academy – What we love about the Disney Magic is the Oceaneers Club. We liked it a lot better than the space on the Fantasy because it has more spaces for older kids. Dry dock to the rescue! Starting this May, the Marvel Avengers Academy that we loved on the Magic will also come to the Fantasy! On the Fantasy, we’re calling it the Marvel Super Hero Academy, where kids will learn all about being a super hero, through quests, interactive games, and stories told by the super heroes themselves. And for the first time ever on board a Disney Ship, Doctor Strange will join the crew to visit with the kids!

Star Wars: Command Post – But wait! There’s more! Not only will the Oceaneer’s Club see the Marvel Avengers Academy transform kids into super heroes, but Disney is also adding on the new Star Wars: Command Post! And who wouldn’t be excited about that?! Kids will go on missions against the first order, joined by the real heroes of Star Wars. A one of a kind Star Wars holotable will enable children to interact with 3-D holographic models of the Millenium Falcon, the Death Star, and other famous Star Wars ships. Kids will meet members of the resistance, and learn to channel the force.

Wew! What kid wouldn’t be super excited about new play areas like that? Heck, I want to be a kid again, just to play there! And if you’re like me, you’ll take full advantage of the Open House time the Oceaneers Club and Lab affords parents almost every day, so us grown ups can be kids again and play it all, too!

New Sweets and Treats for Everyone!

I’m excited to see this new Sweet on You ice cream shop, where the whole family can enjoy hand crafted gelato and ice cream, as well as other specialty sundaes, homemade chocolates, truffles and a large selection of candy.

Sweet on You Ice Cream Shop -Photo Credit: Disney

Though I am not so excited about this being the one place on the ship where you have to pay to eat. Apart from Preludes, the concession stands at the theaters, all food on the Disney ships is free. This new ice cream shop will cost you. It stands to see how confused kids will be when they’ll be asked to present their room key for payment… parents, prep your kids that this isn’t free! Parents, prep yourselves that this isn’t free, because let me tell you, homemade chocolates and truffles sound pretty awesome to me.

Tips for FREE Treats – If you are, however, a budget cruiser (and let’s face it: Most of us are, in fact, on a budget), then rest assured that lunches and dinners offer an extraordinary selection of yummy specialty desserts as well. The restaurants as well as the Cabanas buffet offer plenty of options, with selections changing every day. And in case you didn’t know it: You can order more than one dessert for every single meal! And you can also order a Mickey Ice Cream Sunday every single time, even when it’s not on the menu!

And if you like ice cream outside of lunch and dinner, you just walk right up to the Eye Scream bar located by the main pool and get yourself as many ice cream cones as your heart desires – all free!

Tiffany’s is Coming!

This is clearly for those of us not on a budget and desiring the finer things in live. Though not revealed where this new Tiffany & Co. location will be, I’m assuming from the looks of it that it will be replacing the Vista Gallery by the Atrium, where you can currently marvel at and buy Disney paintings and art.

The Rendering of Tiffany’s & Co location -Photo Credit: Disney

I’ll admit you won’t see me in that store other than maybe out of curiosity, but for those of you in love with Tiffany’s, you’ll be able to acquire items from the Tiffany T collection and other glamorous pieces featuring renowned Tiffany & Co. diamonds. Have at it, ladies and gents!

We will be on the 11-night Southern Caribbean cruise this June, and we’ll be sure to report back just how cool these improvements turned out to be! If you get to experience them before us, please do send pictures and share the excitement!

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