The New Disney’s Max Pass

Welcome to a whole new world of doing Disney! If you’re familiar with Disney World’s Magic Band system, and just how easy it makes life while vacationing there, you will LOVE Disneyland’s new MaxPass! I’ve heard about, I’ve read about it being introduced, and yesterday, I tested the Disney MaxPass for the first time.


What is Disneyland’s MaxPass?

The pass is a virtual feature that lives within your Disneyland app, and gives you access to book FastPasses right there on your phone. it’s biggest benefit is the digital FastPass that replaces the need for a paper FastPass. It also gives you downloads to all your Disneyland PhotoPass photos of the day, that are also scanned to your app, and can be downloaded from there.

What’s Included in the Max Pass?

The pass is available for purchase through your app, and you’ll need the app to take advantage of it. In order to activate MaxPass, you either need to update your app, or download it if you don’t have it yet. You will then be able to book FastPasses in both parks for everyone in your party (everyone connected to your Disney account), all for the flat fee of $10 per day. You also get digital downloads of your Disney PhotoPass pictures of the day included in that price.

Yes, you pay a little extra, but it goes the furthest way that it could possibly go at Disneyland. Instead of running all the way across the park to pick up your paper FastPass at the ride, and run all the way back through the park to whatever it is you were going to do next, you simply take out your phone, you open the app, you select the park you want to see, and it gives you all the rides with FastPasses and the current FastPass times, and you can select with 2 clicks which ride you want. Tada! The FastPass ticket(s) are right there on your phone. No more running around. It saves you hours of time! And if that’s not worth 10 extra bucks, then I don’t know what is!


The system is basically the same as you have it at Disney World; but instead of using your Magic Band, you use your phone. So make sure it stays charged, because you have to pull up the FastPasses on your phone in order to redeem them. A nice added feature is that the app will remind you automatically about current FastPasses. When you open your app and you currently have a valid FastPass, it will pop up immediately.

You still have to wait approximately an hour and a half in between getting passes, but you can get them from anywhere for either park.

Differences between Disneyland’s MaxPass and Disney World’s Magic Band Systems
  1. In contrast to Disney World’s Magic Band system, you cannot book FastPasses in advance. In order to get FastPasses, all your tickets have to be scanned and you need to have physically entered the park. Once you’re in, you can start booking FastPasses, even if you leave the park again.
  2. Disneyland’s MaxPass, unlike the FastPass system in Florida, isn’t free. But it gives you all pictures of the day for only $10 as well, which is much cheaper than Florida’s Memory Maker, that’ll cost you up to a whooping $199!
  3. You can only make FastPass selections the day of the purchase, and only after you’ve entered the park.
  4. The Magic Band system in Florida also allows you to pay for everything (and use it as your credit card), and to open your hotel room door. The MaxPass doesn’t do that.


How to Purchase

If you have an annual pass, or any park ticket linked to your Disney account, your app will automatically recognize these and offer them for your FastPass party.

Your app does need to know you’re in the park, so you need to link your tickets (you can do that easily within the app).

Your app or Disney account should also have your credit card stored, so you can make the $10 purchase with one click. Easy!

You can also purchase the option at the ticket counter, but since you need the app to redeem the FastPasses anyway, I don’t see a reason why you would stand in an extra line to get it.


To make the transaction, you simply click on “Get FastPass” on your app’s home screen (or follow the popup that announces the MaxPass when you open the app), you pay, you select/deselect your party, then you select your park, your ride, confirm your FastPass time, and you’re good to go! The system is extremely user-friendly and guides you from one simple screen to the next, you really can’t do anything wrong, even if you tried.

If you do accidentally select the wrong ride, or you change your mind, you can now also cancel the FastPass selection, something not possible with paper passes, and simply make a different selection.


I LOVE the new Disney’s MaxPass. It’s the best innovation the park has seen in a long time. My day yesterday was the most efficient, least stressful park day I have ever had (and I have been to the parks a gazillion times). No wait times and no unnecessary running around are AMAZING! No dragging kids, no screaming hot infants, no hurting feet. Just amazing!

Would it be nice if it were included in the price of the ticket as it is with Disney World’s system? Of course! But alas, it is not. And if you do like Disney photos, $10 for all your photos added to that is an amazing deal.

Just spend the extra $10 (you’re already spending so much anyway), and I promise it’ll be the best decision of your entire Disney vacation/day!

And to read more about how to not have to wait in line at Disneyland, check out my post on the top 5 ways to save time and cut lines at Disneyland here.

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