13600119_10209577496578608_1298636449771583165_nWe are a family with a true passion for all things Disney; we live and breathe it. We are “Mickey Mom” Anne and “Cruising Christopher” – well, Christopher. 🙂 And we’re ready to talk Disney with you!

You’ll be reading all the facts and details and tips and money stuff from Mickey Mom, and everything through a child’s perspective from Cruising Christopher, so your kids can be peer-informed. I haven’t seen this done anywhere and I thought we need that. Cruising Christopher reports exactly what your kids will be most excited about.

We live right by Disneyland, so we visit there frequently. We vacation with Disney and love Disney cruises, we spend our weekends and holidays with Disney, we have fun at home with Disney, and we love it when the Disney Vault opens up or new movies come out! And we *JUST* started pin trading, too!

So in short: If you need to know anything Disney, we probably have the answer. And if we don’t, we’ll find it!

We go on so many Disney adventures that we’d like to share our experiences, what we’ve learned and can pass on, the ins and outs of an affordable way to Disney, and the plain splurges, fun stuff, and upcoming events!

We love that you’re joining our community here and the portal at Life with Mickey! Welcome to this happy place!

Mickey  Mom (aka Anne) and Cruising Christopher